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Ready for a Breakthrough?

Want to create a life of impact, wealth, and freedom (without compromising your health, relationships or time with family?) 

If so, you need to dismantle the inner blockages that are keeping you in a state of anxiety, confusion and overwhelm and tap into new levels of personal power, clear knowing and self-trust... Curious how?

Let me show you how to break through limitations that are keeping you from creating the success, impact and abundance you desire and start building your life on purpose, by design. 

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"Your dreams matter, and I'm here to ensure they receive the love and attention they deserve."

- Kylie Enkelmann

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Hi There, I'm Kylie

Intuitive Business Coach and Energy Healer for creative, heart centred women who want to grow their wealth, freedom and impact - without compromising what is truly important to you... and I get it: 

You have a unique set of skills, talents and mastery, as well as a cherished vision of how life could be for you.

But when it comes to sharing your gifts, being visible, asking for what you want and taking action - something always gets in the way.  You feel stuck.

I see this everyday and I can assure you - you're not alone!

Too many talented, creative entrepeneurs and business owners get caught up in their own personal brand of self sabotage... always wondering what is it going to take to have a breakthrough?

I help my clients create the most Soul-aligned, meaningful and epic results doing exactly that!


"Healing is meeting yourself where you are.. with openness and compassion."

- Kylie Enkelmann

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Work With Kylie

My GENIUS lies in facilitating potent breakthroughs with high level support for your business, life or fertility journey.  I have created resources to support you on your journey...

Click on your area of interest below to get started:


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I Told Myself I Couldn’t, Now It’s Easy!

The main thing that came out of this program for me was that I realized I was holding myself back mentally because I told myself I couldn’t do it. Now I think it’s so EASY! I feel really great about my business!

Hayley Egan, Commercial Artist

Doing this work allowed me to change my business model, think bigger, and have more belief in myself. 

"I started off wanting to set business goals, as what I was doing wasn't sustainable and I didn't know what to do about it... I discovered that I really needed to look at myself.

Now my goals feel achievable, I'm selective with who I work, and I'm making better decisions."

Christina Reed, Interior Designer & Buyers Agent

Why Not Do What You Want?

Kylie really helped me to get to the point of saying, “Why the F*%k not?” Why not do what you want to do? Who is to say that you can’t do all those things and be successful and happy?

AJ Cook

I Had Severe Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia

At the time of working with Kylie I had severe stress, anxiety and insomnia. I had been seeing a psychologist on and off for many years and used more traditional and scientific approaches. Instantaneously after my session with Kylie I felt a huge weight lift off me. I felt calmer and lighter. This feeling has remained. If I start to feel overwhelmed and I think about the sessions I feel calmer and lighter again.

Rita A.

I Have The Answers Within Me

The work I did with Kylie has enabled me to create a better understanding of the relationship between my mind and body. I am able to heal myself, and I am confident that I have all the answers within me.

Bianca Sciessere

A lot of things have changed...

What I've learned from (Kylie) is a very powerful concept - that I choose and I give myself permission... My vibrational reality has changed... How people relate to me is different. How they see me is different...


Zsuzsanna Hay, Child Development Coach

"I'm no longer afraid to say YES to new opportunities because I feel like it might drain me...

Now I can take the brakes off, and let it happen! I'm valuing my vision and what I do a lot more. My own special brand of magic is valuable and no one is going to know about it if I don't share it... It feels really clear, streamlined, simple, joyful, and straightforward!

Megan Forward, Author & Artist

It Had Affected My Self Worth For Decades

Kylie shows real empathy, she is professional and builds trust with her client. She was able to assist me to unravel some very deep issues that had affected my sense of self worth for decades.

Robin McConchie

I Am Now Able To Be Honest About What I Want

One of the biggest outcomes that I gained from the program is that I am now able to be honest with myself about what I want, and to express it to other people. The program has a really great structure and creates space to have clarity and be truthful.

Alison D.

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