Crystal Dreaming

Take A Shamanic Journey Within

Crystal Dreaming is a shamanic healing practice which utilises a crystal mandala to generate a highly intuitive state during which interdimensional and past life healing can occur. 

The body stores unresolved wounds, traumas, grief and turmoil from this and previous incarnations.  These unresolved energies find expression in our current lives as part of our inherent personality, our biases, prejudices, likes and dislikes. 

We bounce through lifetime after lifetime with our Soul Family, each time performing different roles to facilitate each Soul’s growth.  Sometimes a Soul Mate may play the role of a Parent or Beloved in this life, and in other incarnations play the role of Nemesis.  

During the session you will be guided to perceive energetic blockages and resolve them.  Sometimes you will meet your spirit guides, and gain guidance for your Soul’s path. 

This is deep work that goes beyond your mind and current life paradigm.  Crystal Dreaming is appropriate for you if you have always been curious about past lives, interdimensional planes or you feel drawn to it. 

Crystal Dreaming sessions are conducted in person in a private studio in Sydney's inner west.  Please allow quiet time and space after the session to allow for integration. 


From the founder of Crystal Dreaming, Raym Richards: 

"The laying on of stones is an ancient Healing Art practiced by the Mayans, Ancient Egyptians and Native Americans.

New Age philosophy acknowledges the truth of the inter-connectedness of all things, the reality of the Spirit world and the existence of beings in other realities. It perceives the illusion of linear time and space and the truth of our infinite beings.

Crystal quartz is silicon dioxide the most common mineral compound on Earth is also found in small quantities throughout our body, hence the affinity or resonance between our own molecular structure and crystals. When crystals are placed on the body the healing process is stimulated from within.

By placing crystals around the crown creating a particular pattern or mandala, it is possible to focus Divine Energy, opening the pineal gland and triggering the shift in consciousness of your client into an “altered state.” After clearing negative energy and self healing, it is possible to experience a profound state of oneness and bliss.

These advanced techniques enable you to guide your client to a fully conscious reconnection with the never ending now in which our higher selves exist in a state of constant bliss. You may recall ancient past life abilities, clear Karma, open clairvoyance, clairesentience and clairaudience during your session.

Crystal Dreaming will bring clarity of purpose to your client by activating their Divine mission, blueprint or life plan. Crystal Dreaming frequently leads to a full embodiment of past life skills and a blissful reconnection with the Divine.

One session can achieve this."

Heal Past and Present Life Trauma

Deep forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others is essential for being able to move on.  This is a journey and not an overnight experience, however great strides can be made in a single session.  Each layer that is released creates greater space for peace and enjoyment of your life. We do this in a way that is honouring of your journey and what you have been through, and the emphasis is on you connecting with your own inner source of wisdom.  This is important so that you can take the lessons from the pain, and know that you can deeply trust yourself.

Clear Interdimensional Blockages

We are multidimensional beings, far more then just our physical, conscious mental and emotional awareness.  Sometimes there are energies or blockages that are interfering with the way in which we navigate our lives.  It is possible to become aware of and clear such blockages during a session, with the effect of lightening our energies, raising our vibration and creating space for more joy and upliftment in our lives.

Connect With Your Wisdom


During a session you may connect with your Greater Self, Higher Self, Unconscious Wisdom or Spiritual Team of Guides.  You can ask questions and receive guidance that is completely authentic to your journey.  Gain clarity on your life's purpose, any challenges you are facing and reawaken any any past life mastery that will assist you in this life.

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