5 Biggest Challenges of Being A Single Mother By Choice

In this video I am discussing the five biggest challenges of being a Single Mother by Choice, (or Choice Mom / Choice Mum).

These are the biggest challenges I face on an ongoing basis now that I have my child (for which I am incredibly grateful!)

These are also big challenges that present themselves in the process of becoming a Single Mother By Choice although I would say that there are few HUGE challenges that are unique to the conception journey which I will address in another video (or several videos!)

Just a few years ago I faced a difficult life circumstance where my thirteen year relationship had broken down, I was diagnosed with infertility and my dreams of having a family were rapidly fading away.

After much soul searching I made the courageous decision to have a child on my own. I consider myself to be incredibly fortunate to not only have been successful in that intention but also because I have been exquisitely supported on my journey.

I now work as a Fertility Coach and...

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