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Hello Beautiful, if you're here reading these words, I can only imagine that you have found yourself on an unexpected fertility journey.

Such a sacred part of life, to become a parent - perhaps something you have been anticipating your entire life - only to find yourself in unchartered territory.

Know that you most definitely, are not alone.  In our culture, we don't talk about the heartache of waiting for our children.  That for some, this is a daily experience of grief and loss for the children we haven't met yet, or for those who were taken from us too soon.

For some, this is a long, dark night of the Soul... and yet we persevere heading towards the dawning of tomorrow and the promise of new life.

Whether you have experienced difficulty in conception, miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or are facing parenthood without a partner then it is my grace and honour to support you on your journey.

I offer holistic therapy including energy healing, counseling and body-focused awareness to guide you in letting go of overwhelm, stress, and other energetic blockages, and to call in the Soul of your child.

Our Sacred Womb space is the powerhouse for the creation of our Children's body and the portal between worlds. All too often there is unresolved trauma, pain, fear, and congestion within our sacred womb space, making it difficult for healthy gestation to occur.

I work in conjunction with both holistic and allopathic approaches to fertility and advocate addressing health and wellbeing on all levels.

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I have created a free guided meditation to clear the energy centres and womb space.  You can download this and other free resources by clicking on the button below: 

The Solo Mama Journey

What do you do if you know you really want to have a family but haven't found the right partner?


Well, in my case I chose to go Solo.  You can read about my story here and why I decided to take the plunge and do everything I could to have a child.

Fortunately for me, I was successful - I have a beautiful healthy son - and I am so grateful that I had the courage to follow my heart.

This is a BIG journey, with many twists and turns.  I offer support for women who are considering this path to explore their options and plan their way forward, as well as offering the emotional support for being on the journey.

Solo Parents By Choice are a growing form of modern family, with unique benefits and challenges.  

If you are starting out as a Solo Parent by choice, you don't have to go it alone! In our sessions, everything is up for discussion including donor selection, dating, disclosure, and more; as well as options for energy healing and emotional support.

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If you are just getting started, I have created a Fertiltiy Clarity Workbook to help you identify where you need to focus.  You can access this other free resources by clicking on the link below:

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