Can’t Get Pregnant? Here’s why you should try energy healing…

Have you been trying to get pregnant but haven’t had any success? In this blog post I am going to talk about how energetic blockages might be at play and what you can do to help yourself.

Hi my name is Kylie Enkelmann and I am an energy healer and the creator of the SoulParent program.  I support women and couples as they navigate their fertility journeys.  In this blog I talk about fertility, becoming a single parent by choice, energy healing and consciousness .

So what has energy healing got to do with fertility?  Well for starters, energy healing is a really powerful therapy for affecting change in our subconscious mind. 

Now, our subconscious mind represents about 90% of our brain function.  It is connected to any habitual thoughts, beliefs and actions and is also responsible for all of our automatic bodily functions. 

The term subconscious refers to all information that is stored in the mind of which you’re not fully aware and we know that our subconscious mind has been found to affect the ways we conduct our daily lives.  It is indicated in cases of addiction as well as the placebo effect – which is a well documented phenomena where our body will heal itself simply because we believe we are being given an effective therapy or medicine when infact we haven’t. 

Elite professionals across many different areas of our society use brain training techniques that interface between the conscious and subconscious minds to improve their overall performance.  So why wouldn’t we consider using similar approaches on our fertility journey?

When it comes to our fertility and getting pregnant, there is often a huge investment of our identity that is at stake.  Considering that for many of us, having a family is something we have assumed we would experience in our lives.  Many of have been navigating and making life decisions accordingly.  When something is so core to how we see ourselves, there is a lot of energy invested in this part of our identity, and as a result there is A LOT AT STAKE, we place enormous pressure upon ourselves before we have even started.  Now stress is something that is quite widely accepted to be detrimental to our fertility, so its not an ideal place to be starting trying for our families.

Let’s also consider that our reproductive organs are also our sexual organs, and as a whole – our world is still a very mixed bag when it comes to our sex and sexuality.  Sexuality can simultaneously be seen to be both repressed and overtly exploited.  We still have painfully high incidences of child sexual abuse, sexual violence, sexual slavery and sexual exploitation.  Our society is laden with judgement, projection and double standards when it comes to sexuality, so much so that basically sexuality is a hot mess in most cultures of the world today.

So we have this incredibly blissful, natural and potent energy – our sexual energy – that is part of our human condition and is how we procreate; we literally create our children through the same sexual act that is often demonised, judged or ridiculed as a complete joke.  There is so little respect for sex and sexuality within our culture and as such many people, including many couples, are living their lives in the absence of a healthy sexual lifestyle.

So why would this impact our fertility or stop us from getting pregnant?

To answer this I need to first talk about our chakras.  Chakras are centres within our energetic body, they emit and receive energy and information from our environment. 

There are many chakras throughout the body, and there are major chakras that govern particular organs as well as storing our consciousness – that is our thoughts, programs, memories and beliefs relating to particular areas of our life. 

When a chakra is healthy and functioning well, it oscillates back and forth and is robust with fresh energy.  A chakra that has become depleted through emotional stress, trauma, overwhelm, disease or addiction will shrink, get smaller and will not nourish the energy of the organs sufficiently. 

The Swardisthana or Sacral chakra governs our sexual and reproductive organs and is located about ten centimeters below the navel.  It governs our consciousness related to sexuality, as well as our attractiveness, charisma, passion, desire, joyfulness, youthfulness, playfulness and enjoyment of living.  It is also related to chemistry, to creativity and to our self expression.

If we have experienced shame or trauma especially relating to our sexuality, our attractiveness or our fertility it is very easy for this chakra to become depleted, congested and shut down.  This means that it won’t be able to function properly and won’t be able to supply the fresh prana, fresh energy that is necessary to support the organs to receive a pregnancy. 

For a healthy pregnancy, all of the energy centres within the body need to be robust, healthy and strong.  This is something that can be enhanced through simple lifestyle choices, for example being very conscious of what you are consuming into your body, as well as your mind. 

This means being selective in what you are watching and focusing on.  Practicing a daily meditation is helpful, as is prioritising good quality sleep as well as following a healthy diet and regular exercise.  Drinking plenty of filtered water and doing things that genuinely fill your cup – for me, being in nature is a real game change. 

It is also important to reduce the load of stress and toxicity in your life.  So doing what you can to manage your stress levels, reducing or eliminating caffeine, sugar and alcohol actually has a big impact on your emotional state throughout your day, and as much as possible avoiding emotionally toxic situations.  Please don’t stress about being stressed – it doesn’t help!  Instead I like to encourage my clients to have a list of things they can do to fill their cup.  This might be going for a walk on their way home, or doing a healing meditation, planning a picnic with a friend or loved one, reaching out and talking to a safe person, whatever it be – it doesn’t need to cost anything  - but it is helpful to have a note in your phone that you can look at when you are feeling funky to then direct yourself to something will change your vibration.

If you have experienced difficulty in getting pregnant or remaining pregnant then you may benefit from working with an energy therapist to first clear out any old, congested energy from your womb space, as well as normalising and addressing any other energetic imbalances in your chakral system prior to priming your energy anatomy for receiving and gestating a pregnancy.

This normally takes a few sessions – and for good reason – if you consider how much emotional baggage we have around sex and sexuality, let alone how emotionally loaded a fertility journey can be, there is sometimes quite a lot that needs to be addressed, integrated and released in order to create a robust, receptive space for a pregnancy.

If you would like to experience an energy healing session to support you on your fertility journey, then please feel free to get in contact with me via my booking link here.

I have also created a guided meditation – it takes about twenty minutes - for clearing the energy centres and your womb space, it's free inside the SoulParent community - click here to join!

So that’s it from me, I would love to hear from you.  What questions do you have for me?  Big love xx Kylie

© 2020 by Kylie Enkelmann

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