Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a non-touch, non-drug way to create powerful shifts in mindset, self-identity and wellbeing.

Each session includes personal reflection, counselling and body based awareness in addition to deep energetic transformation via the chakra system.

The body stores unresolved wounds, traumas, grief and turmoil within our energy system, including the chakras.  These unresolved energies find expression in our current lives as part of our inherent personality, our biases, prejudices, likes and dislikes. 

There are many chakras throughout the body, and there are major chakras that govern particular organs as well as storing our consciousness –  our thoughts, programs, memories and beliefs relating to particular areas of our life. 

When a chakra is healthy and functioning well, it oscillates back and forth and is robust with fresh energy.  A chakra that has become depleted through emotional stress, trauma, overwhelm, disease or addiction will shrink, get smaller and partially shut down.

This can create a strong sense of overwhelm, dysfunction and difficulty in coping as well as create difficulty in our relationships and wider life.

During an energy healing session Kylie will intuitively scan the configuration of your chakra system to determine the areas of dysfunction.  You will be guided to release energetic blockages, call your power back and set the foundation for a new way of showing up to life.

Energy healing is a nurturing and productive form of self-care, that creates long-term wellbeing by assisting your personal evolution and growth.

Energy Healing sessions are conducted online via zoom, Facebook Messenger or over the telephone.  Please allow quiet time and space after the session to integrate the experience. 

Balance Your Chakras

Chakras are vortices of energy that exchange information between ourselves and the environment.  Like our physical organs, our chakras each have a purpose or area of life that they govern.  They also feed our physical body with prana or chi, to ensure health and wellbeing.  

When we experience trauma, prolonged stress, pain, overwhelm, disease or addiction our chakras can become congested and stop functioning properly.  We become shut down, which impacts the way we interact with the world, and our general feeling of wellbeing.

Clear Out Old Baggage

We all experience situations in life that we know need to "get over" and "let go".


However how do we actually do this?  Few people are able to let go of a hurt or trauma without ever thinking of it again, however with energy healing this is something that can be achieved.

By consciously letting go of old pain, hurt and grievances, you change your energy configuration.  You make way for more robust energy, vibrancy and joy.  You are less likely to be triggered by old wounds, and can look back at such experiences from the place of clarity and compassion.

Consciously Create Your New Identity

If you are finding yourself stretched by your life circumstances then you may benefit from growing your sense of self.  Personal Growth is a lifelong persuit, and energy healing offers the opportunity to step boldly towards your highest potential for this life. Every challenge that you face can serve you in this way - to help you to dig deeper and to evolve into more of who you truly are, your strengths, your wisdom, your resilience.  You don't have to do it alone, and energy healing helps you to tap into the universal force that always there waiting for you to reach out.

© 2020 by Kylie Enkelmann

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