Concerned About Coronavirus? Do this mantra!

As someone who has suffered from health anxiety I have been watching the unfolding viral pandemic with fixation. 

Since having a child my health anxiety has been very present.  If my child gets sick with a daycare bug, I might come down with it.  Or if I get sick then I might give it to him which means time out from daycare and overall a harder period for me as a single parent.  This was very prominent for me when my son was a young baby. 

To my mind, my anxiety has always been quite rational - as someone who is engaged in physical work in close proximity with my client, being sick means that I can't work.  If a young baby gets a simple cold - it makes it difficult for them to breathe as their anatomy isn't suitable for mouth breathing until they are six months old.  Now as a single parent illness means that my work week will be interrupted, and as an empath I really feel my son's misery when he is unwell! It's awful!

So to me, my anxiety has always seemed quite reasonable - I think it is understandable why I would feel that way.  However my strategy for avoiding illness tended to cause me to isolate and distance myself from others. 

With the current situation unfolding in the world there is a lot that has been causing me concern.  We're all so mobile these days and global, so it does seem to be quite a feat to be able to contain it. 

I have also seen reports coming out of China challenging the story of the origin of this virus.  The lack of transparency and willingness to work with international experts would suggest some sense of a cover up within China.

The following mantra invokes Mother Kali.  I have been doing this mantra for a few days now, ever since my Spiritual Teacher Sri Shakti Amma Narayani gave it to our community.  Yesterday I did a dedicated practice of the mantra with the intention to unearth and heal the cause of my troubling health anxiety.  

What transpired for me was a deep healing that really brought to light the cause of my anxiety and healed it. It's not to say that the current situation doesn't cause concern - it does.  However during the session I was able to heal and integrate a significant trauma relating to infection, loss and death.   

What I am about to share with you is a powerful mantra that will transform any consciousness that is holding disease and disease related trauma in place.

The mantra is:

Om Krim Maha Kali Sarva Rhogam Nasi Nasi 

Ideally, you would chant the mantra daily for 30 minutes.

So who is Mother Kali?  She is the fierce and wrathful Mother who protects her children, especially during times of chaos.  She lops off the head of the ego and destroys the consciousness that would harm her children.

You can use this mantra to invoke protection for yourself and your loved ones, and to invoke protection and intervention on behalf of humanity.  Mother Kali relishes in battle to overcome deception, harmful action, and egoic manipulation.  

I invite you to try this for yourself and to continue to practice the mantra with the intention of invoking protection, overcoming darkness and shining light on any deception.  

Within all tragedy there is the seed for great blessing.  The current situation is an opportunity for greater world unity, freedom and liberation.


© 2020 by Kylie Enkelmann

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