Why “The End Justifying the Means” is Back to Front

The end does not justify the means.

The end is created by the energy you invest into it.

I have been in business for nearly twenty years. From when I first went into business with my (ex)-partner until our separation several years later our revenue had grown by more than 20X.

The problem was, it was a beast.

We both worked our asses off and were constantly stressed and overwhelmed with the ever changing climate of our ever-growing business.

With each milestone reached there was a whole new set of logistics and challenges to attend to.

It was hard work. And it sucked the fun out of it. More than once I felt like I’d stumbled into a parallel universe of Fawlty Towers.

We often asked each other if it was going to be worth it? Was it worth the toll it was taking on our health and our relationship. We thought it might be, we didn’t know.

And then it wasn’t.

My nervous system snapped, like an elastic band or a neglected hamstring, never too quite come back “good” again. The same thing happening in our relationship.

A lot has happened in my life since then (walking away from a seven figure business, divorce, having a baby, moving multiple times across the country, Covid) and even at the time, well towards the end anyway, I really understood this thing:

The energy that you put into your projects - the way in which you conduct yourself, how you hold your goals and aspirations, how you treat your staff and your clients, your integrity and your overall vibe literally forms what it is you are creating.

If you are drowning in overwhelm and stress, short with your staff, stingy with your suppliers, or constantly doubting your capacity - this will live on within your project, impacting and amplifying within your results.

Whilst no one would expect to live on junk food and expect to have stellar health, we don’t recognize that what we feed our projects impacts the results we achieve.

Our society tends to glamorize the “hustle”, work harder and more intensely so that you can slay the competition.

I’m simply not interested in anything about that lifestyle.

These days I’m more about aligning and allowing.

I am accepting and choosing.

I am clearing and attracting.

I still do the work of course, but in a “filled up from the inside and overflowing” way.

It feels good, and nurturing. Like it was THIS groove that has been waiting to be discovered by me my whole life, my own natural rhythm for manifesting, for consciously creating and doing the thing.

This is my Inner Alchemy ✨💫✨and I’m very excited to be sharing it with you soon xx

© 2020 by Kylie Enkelmann

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