World Service Guided Meditation for Light Workers in Addressing the Coronavirus


Today I was deeply guided to create this world service guided meditation to address and eliminate the impacts of coronavirus in our world.

When something like this is happening then it's usually because there is a major imbalance in our lives, in our world.

If you think about it on a personal level - if we are out of balance with our values, if we are ignoring the majority of our values in order to pursue material gain or power - then often what will happen is we'll either create some kind of relationship trouble or interpersonal trouble.

We'll create a health issue or health challenge in order to get us to slow down and interrupt our mode of operation. This helps us to really come face-to-face with where we are living outside of our values.

If we translate this to the macro-scale, the worldwide scale, humanity is operating way outside of being in alignment especially in terms of being responsible custodians for our planet.

This coronavirus and other coronavirus outbreaks, including Ebola are basically stemming from the interruption or the encroachment of human activity into natural wildlife habitats.

What can we do to alleviate some of the imbalance in the world? It's very easy to get angry and point the finger at other people, nations or cultures but we are all part of this collective. So how are we contributing to this lack of balance in the world? How are we contributing to the custodianship of our natural ecosystems?

In this meditation you will be guided to commune with what is called the over-lighting Deva, which is basically the aspect within the divine realm that is overseeing the spread of this virus. We will gain insight for ourselves about what has caused this to be here, what are we contributing to the imbalance and how can we address that within our own lives? You will be guided to make a commitment to do something this week.

We will then do world service, sending love and compassion to all those who have been impacted by this virus - including all of those who are in quarantine, all of those who are fighting for their lives, those trying to recover from this very deadly disease.

My heart goes out to the people in China who have become very isolated in the cities that are under lock-down. The cities that are in lock-down, the people who are in so much isolation - we can send them our love and our compassion, and hold them in our prayers.

This is truly what world service is about is about - It's about sending our light into the areas of darkness.

If you are feeling drawn to do this work, or you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed, this is a very powerful practice to help move the anxiety and overwhelm and to keep our hearts open in the face of fear.

Doing this work helps us to expand into the greater self, the part of you that knows we are all interconnected, and anything is possible.

I hope that you are enjoy this meditaton and find some valuable insight into creating greater alignment, strength and resilience in your life.


Much love



© 2020 by Kylie Enkelmann

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