Hi, I'm Kylie

I'm here to connect you with your inner wisdom and strength, are you ready?


If you're going through some serious life right now I'm here to help you to regroup, reconnect and come up with your new game plan as well as support you in taking courageous action.  

Times of transition such as the end of a relationship, changes in your work life, parenting, as well as certain rites of passage for example having children or losing a loved one, can be very difficult to go through and process, and can easily overwhelm us.  Sometimes talking about our problems isn't all that helpful, leaving us feeling even more drained and upset then when we started, seeming to energize our challenges and diminish our capacity to change our situation.

What is helpful for pretty much any life situation is to make some time and space to reconnect with our own inner presence.  Unfortunately the initial pain we feel when we go within can sometimes be too much to face on our own.  With the right support, a path can be cleared to find the peace that always resides within.

This peaceful presence is the home of your quiet voice of wisdom, your inner knowing, insight and clarity.  Here, lives your reservoir of inner strength, resilience, power and determination to face what ever challenge is within your path.  With time and familiarity, you can appreciate and understand all of the situations in your life, and the gifts that they contain.

 If you are experiencing high levels of stress, overwhelm, frustration, anger, feelings of despair or betrayal or simply feeling blocked  - working with a holistic therapist is a highly effective way to address your situation and to make positive change.  

When you can stop resisting the reality of what you are going through to truly be present with yourself, you have a whole new foundation from which to act. Peace, acceptance and hope are all possible, as is rebuilding your relationship with yourself and your life from a place of love and compassion.  What pervades is a sense of alignment with your life purpose and a connection with your greater self as you move forward in life.

Let go of pain, hurt and difficult emotions

Deep forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others is essential for being able to move on.  This is a journey and not an overnight experience, however great strides can be made in a single session.  Each layer that is released creates greater space for peace and enjoyment of your life. We do this in a way that is honouring of your journey and what you have been through, and the emphasis is on you connecting with your own inner source of wisdom.  This is important so that you can take the lessons from the pain, and know that you can deeply trust yourself.

Move Forward In Life With Trust 

Sometimes the situations that we go through can rock our confidence and we lose trust in ourselves. We might look back on our life choices with regret or anger that we allowed these experiences to happen. The truth is we are all Soul's having a human experience.  As we are learning and growing, sometimes our best teachers are those difficult experiences or tricky relationships.  This is the stick method (as in carrot and stick) that the universe uses to get us to turn our attention inwards.  Once you have reestablish that connection with yourself, life's problems may not go away but you do have a more empowering perspective and greater understanding to help you to navigate such situations.

It's All Perfect

It may not feel perfect.  At all.  I get it - I've been there and have had a lot of my own life processes, which is why I am doing what I do - supporting people to face these difficult life situations from an empowering place. 

I have had my own journey including multiple career shifts, more than a decade driving small business, a painful divorce, an infertility diagnosis and choosing to have a child on my own.  Most of my life I have taken the path less travelled.  I can only assume that my adventurous Soul wanted to give me a wide experience of life so that I could be a compassionate witness for the people I work with. 

I provide a holistic and grounded approach for doing this work drawing upon my training in energy healing, coaching, body awareness, facilitation and spiritual studies.

You Are Not Alone

If you have been asking the universe for a way forward, a helping hand to make sense of what you are going through or more support to help you get through - then consider this it. Click on the button below to get started.


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