Hi! I'm Kylie Enkelmann

I help creative, soul-centered humans drop the drama, get unstuck, raise their vibration and realise their heart's desires made manifest by taking courageous, inspired action.

I bring a potent blend of energetics, coaching and grounded strategy to help my clients step through new doorways into their greater Life vision.

I offer three flavours of transformation - life, business and fertility.

My zone of genius is to facilitate next level breakthroughs and to assist the embodiment and grounding of this new consciousness.

Life is ALWAYS responding to us. When we shift the way in which we relate to ourselves, to Life, and to our dreams, we shift our experience of these areas.



"A sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development."

The work we do together is based on the understanding that

life is responding to you...

and you always have the power to transform it.

It means that no matter what you are experiencing in life or business, (or even on a fertility journey), there is treasure to be found by exploring your consciousness with compassion and curiosity.

There is always a way through.

This journey of creating your dreams made manifest is simple, but not easy.

It means facing your fears, feeling your emotions, and replacing your limiting beliefs with a growth mindset.

It means shifting your vibration from lack and "not enough"...

Into a state of true abundance - a vibrational state available to you exactly as you are right now.

It means actively creating the mindset, heartset and vibrational state from which inspired action naturally flows and leads to everyday miracles.

A breakthrough in consciousness is a tangible shift in mind, body and spirit. It is an experience that you feel is significant, that you recognise and act upon.

I've taken many a path
less travelled... to prepare for the real work of this life.

My life has had many twists and turns... The one constant being a deep connection to the spiritual realm.

Even though I did not grow up in a religious or spiritual household, I was always the child with stars in her eyes and bhakti in my heart.

At the age of 17 I left the home farm to travel to Sydney and study engineering, to dedicate myself to sustainability. Although I graduated with first-class honours I experienced multiple incidents of workplace bullying and ultimately decided to change careers.

I decided to take a working holiday by joining my partner in his hairsalon, taking the reigns to expand the business, eventually

creating a multiple 7-figure enterprise.

It was during this period that I started my earnest studies in spirituality, energy healing and consciousness. I experienced my first Near-Death-Experience when my mother-in-law visited me in her passing, gifting me with a tangible experience of life after death and the spiritual realm.

I dedicated myself to the Healing Arts and explored the use of these tools and approaches within my business.

Fundamentally it was

one energy healing that opened the doors to a 7-Figure contract that changed our business forever.

Our business was growing at an exponential rate whilst we grieved the loss of loved ones, and cracks began to show in our relationship. ​

I applied myself to safeguarding our marriage, using all that I had gained from my spiritual studies. In time I learned that not all of my dreams would be realised the way I had hoped.

It seemed Life had other plans for me and we separated.

On investigating fertility treatments such as having my eggs frozen, I was quickly diagnosed as

medically infertile

and given a heartbreaking prognosis.

I decided to dedicate myself to a new mission - to do everything I could to have my child. A child whose Soul presence I was keenly aware of.

It was a tumultuous time,

that saw me separating from my partner of 14 years, embracing the path of the Solo Parent By Choice, walking away from a multiple million dollar business, and receiving my miracle, rainbow baby.

Life has continued to shock, suprise and delight. As the world went through the pandemic, I went through multiple changes and reconfigurations. Ultimately landing in my beautiful home in Queensland with family nearby, and childhood friends about.

In this phase of my life I am dedicated to the role of parenting my son, and sharing my gifts, expertise and wisdom with those who wish to grow their business, overcome their limitations, embrace self love and self knowledge or be supported on their fertility journey.


©2022 Kylie Enkelmann