Inner Alchemy Immersion

~ Transform ~ Ignite ~ Expand ~

12 Week 1:1 Transformative Journey

Join Me for the Journey of a Lifetime

A journey of self discovery, healing and abundance - where in any given moment you have choice and freedom. A journey where life continues to unfold with grace and beauty and you live knowing that the BEST is yet to come...


Heal and release pain and suffering to transform your mental, emotional and spiritual state.


Reconnect with your inner spark, find your mojo & revel in the beauty of life.


Amplify your capacity for joy, and for creating the life you desire and deserve.

Every breakdown leads to

a breakthrough.

Are you ready for something different?

Do you have big dreams for your life, one where you are free to enjoy connection, love and creativity, but you

  • Struggle with self loathing, self criticism and guilt?
  • Feel burnt out, exhausted, overwhelmed and anxious and sometimes struggle to get through the day?
  • Put other people’s opinions, needs and preferences above your own, no matter how bad it feels?
  • Sink into compare and despair because your life isn’t what you expected it to be?

I have been there.

Burnt out, overwhelmed, exhausted… divorced… wondering why I was doing everything “right” but feeling like life wasn’t working out for me...

Giving my relationships and business everything I had, and then losing it all, including my most precious dreams, not able to withstand the impact of the loss of a loved one, infidelity, betrayal, infertility, compounded by monster business growth...

Feeling more and more disconnected from my big dreams, losing trust in myself, in life and in the Divine, and feeling a bitterness taking hold within my heart...

I was struggling to get through the day and knew that if I didn’t turn things around I was in grave danger.

So I asked for help.

I came at it from multiple angles - working with a business coach, intensive sessions with my healer, diving into Spiritual Activations, as though my life depended on it.

Because it did.

I was in the trenches of the most painful “dark night” of my life.

I made the decision to transform, and the universe met me half way.

Now I have a business that I love; a beautiful home surrounded by family; the most divine, funny and adorable son; and I am creating a legacy to AWAKEN, IGNITE, EXPAND AND ARISE all those who are ready for freedom and personal transformation.

I am here to help you ACTIVATE!

Whatever you are currently going through, and no matter how long you have been struggling, I'm here to let you know you CAN change your life!

You can experience a life where there is EASE and JOY.

You can say YES to your dreams and desires.

You can say YES to your happiness and freedom.

You can open to Divine Grace and align with your heart’s most deepest yearnings.

You get to choose and to live your life in a way that is MEANINGFUL to YOU.

Do you desire to:

  • Have a better relationship with yourself, so that it feels GOOD to be you?
  • Have more freedom to spend your day in ways that light you up?
  • Give yourself permission to want what you want, choosing for yourself what you get to be, do and have?
  • Be a happier human - a better parent, partner, sibling, family member, ex and friend - creating healthier relationships in all areas?
  • Open to the sweetness of loving intimacy again?
  • Have unstoppable confidence to believe in and trust yourself and act accordingly?
  • Fully express your talents and creativity whether that be in your working life or just for fun?
  • Raise your self worth and transform your relationship with wealth?

The BEST is yet to come, if you are willing to embrace it ALL...


When we say YES to our DREAMS, the UNIVERSE meets us half-way, but WE have to make the first move… are you willing?

Are you ready to ACTIVATE the most miraculous, grace-filled chapter of your life?

You CAN have a life that you absolutely freaking LOVE.

What is standing in the way of your most JOYFUL life?

Most commonly I see:

  • Unconscious beliefs gifted to us by our parents and caregivers, or handed down through our family lineage.
  • Massive backlog of difficult and unexpressed emotions, including trauma, waiting to be acknowledged and released.
  • Prioritising other people’s opinions, needs and preferences over our own, putting ourselves last!
  • Overly critical self talk and low self worth
  • Habitual self sabotage such as perfectionism, procrastination, people pleasing, over coping, over achieving, saying yes when you mean no, lack of boundaries with self and others, self rejection, self punishment and more
  • Anxiety and overwhelm
  • Fear of making a mistake, of letting others down, of being a failure, and of being too successful.
  • Exhausted and time poor - if you don’t trust yourself and you don’t have clear boundaries it can feel like EVERYTHING is a priority.
  • Lack of support and no accountability to help you to do what you say you’re going to do
  • Lack of clarity or belief that life can be different!

I can help you to create the change that you desire…

I will share with you the skills of personal healing, transformation and integration - and YES this is something ANYONE can learn.

When you have these life skills and a tangible experience of what TRANSFORMATION is - then you can utilise this in every area of your life.

I will support you on your journey and help you heal deep blocks even if you have been working on them for years…

You will learn to co-create with life, working on the most important creation of all - YOU.

With these keys, you will be able to tap into a deeper and more trusting relationship with yourself and with Grace, continuing to evolve and grow your most rich and fulfilling life.

If this sounds like you, then I hope you will join me for the Inner Alchemy Intensive. This is a powerful program with both 1:1 and group components, that will empower you to access deep healing and growth.

This is for the woman WHO...

Wants to feel GOOD in her skin...

Wants to make PEACE with her past...

Wants to feel EMPOWERED in her relationships...

Wants to TRANSFORM the way she feels about herself...

Wants to be supported on her healing journey

Is ready to take CONTROL of her life...

Knows that CHANGE is absolutely essential and starts with HER...

Is looking for clarity...

Desires a Breakthrough or many!

Knows that she is only getting started and that there is so much more to come!


I believe in your precious and powerful HEART.

Let’s transform your world TOGETHER

Here's What's Included:

12 Week Immersion with Private Chat Access

Time and space to be held as you navigate big transitions. Private Chat access for between sessions as needed. You are not doing this alone.

Weekly Private 1:1 Sessions With Kylie

Experience the potency of this deep, transformational work in private 1:1 sessions with Kylie. These are powerful, life changing sessions that support you through what you are going through.

Library of Tools and Resources

Lifetime access to a library of tools and resources to turn to, to be held, self soothe and to recreate a sense of wholeness, safety and joy. Includes Inner Alchemy Bootcamp and more.

Why Work With Kylie?

Throughout my adult life I have been on the vanguard of constant, quantum change.

These quantum leaps have taken me from rural Queensland to the pulsing inner city suburbs of Sydney; from studying and working as an Engineer to retraining as a hairdresser, makeup artist and fashion stylist - and from there into energy healing and coaching.

I went from happily married in a 13 year relationship, running a seven figure business, owning my own home with a white picket fence - to divorced, infertile and choosing to have a child on my own…

You could say I have an abundance of LIVED IN wisdom, which has often been hard-won.

There have been MANY breakdowns along the way...

And even more BREAKTHROUGHS!

And, it is clear to me that every piece of my kaleidoscopic journey has served my evolution and growth, for the work that I do now.

I love holding space as a compassionate witness, facilitating deep client-led and intuitive transformation, and teaching my clients to do this for themselves. I also coach entrepreneurs to bring their A-game to life and business, and I support those on a fertility journey to recover from loss and set-back.

Let’s transform your world TOGETHER!

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Inner Alchemy Immersion 1:1 Support

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Valid for 3 months

High Level Support Private Coaching

Inner Alchemy Bootcamp Program

7 x 1:1 Inner Alchemy Sessions

Private Chat Access for Support Between Calls


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