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SoulParent Fertility Coaching

Align Mind, Body and Soul to Have the Children You Yearn For

Beautiful woman...  I am so glad you are here! 

I acknowledge the courage it takes to ask for and receive support on your fertility journey.


Finding yourself on an unexpected fertility journey is such a *BIG* experience. 

There can also be a lot of Grace on this path too.

Learning to hold yourself and your loved ones with compassion is key, and I am so honoured to hold this space with you.

 I offer a twelve week supportive journey, where we will come together to release, heal, integrate and alchemize the intense emotions and lived experiences that have dominated your fertility journey.

Each session will be led by your needs and desires, focussing on what will best serve you in aligning your body, mind and spirit for optimum fertility.

The mainstay of our work together will occur in six fortnightly alchemy sessions.  Each session is a combination of grounded coaching, counselling, body somatic awareness and energy healing. 

This is delicate work, and I encourage you to allow time and space for integration after each session, as possible.

You will have access to a resource centre including guides, practices and meditations to support the work we are doing, between our sessions.

You will also have access to my private voxer chat to support your integration of the sessions and use of the tools within the resource centre.

If you require additional 1:1 support above what is included in the package, additional sessions can be purchased.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Big love,

Kylie xx

Image by Erriko Boccia

Exquisite Care of Your Body

Trust, honour, and care for the physical temple that is your body.  Be guided with tools to nurture and nourish your body, surrendering the emotional turmoil, pressure to perform, and demands made upon your physicality.  Embrace your pleasure.

Image by Lina Trochez

Mindful Self-Nurturing

You deserve to be held in the highest regard, where your mental and emotional needs are met.  When we learn to meet ourselves in this way, with compassion, we take the pressure off those around us to do this for us, creating greater safety and joy within.

Image by Elia Pellegrini

Spiritual Fertility

The Spiritual nature of conception is often ignored in the favour of a mechanistic approach. Yet conception is deeply spiritual.  The womb is a stargate through which the Soul of your child must enter. Your role of parenting starts long before your child is born.

SoulParent Fertility Coaching

1:1 Private Support (12 Weeks)

  • SoulParent

    Fertility Coaching
    Valid for 3 months
    • 1:1 SoulParent Fertility Sessions (fortnightly)
    • Private Voxer Support Between Sessions
    • SoulParent Fertility Resources
  • SoulParent

    Every month
    Fertility Coaching - Payment Plan
    Valid for 3 months
    • 1:1 SoulParent Fertility Sessions (fortnightly)
    • Private Voxer Support Between Sessions
    • SoulParent Fertility Resources
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