Boss Lady Empire

12 Week Business Growth Accelerator

Be the star of your own show...

Will you RISE to the occasion?

It is NOT ENOUGH to only focus on business, marketing or selling skills. It is not enough to choose a strategy or define a plan for achieving your goals... Your life purpose is calling you to go ALL IN. To bring all parts of you on the journey. To become the fullest expression of you... the You who can hold it all with dignity and grace.

Take Charge of Your Life & Build Your Dream Business

Raise Your Self Worth & Embrace Self Leadership

Decide What You Want, Create A Plan, Make It Happen

This is NOT the time for playing small.

Now is the time for you to DECIDE that you get to be, do and have EVERYTHING your heart desires.

Now is the time to discover exactly what you are made of and just how far you can go when you CHOOSE to BACK yourself.

You get to manifest your dream life and business by taking INSPIRED ACTION, implementing your unique business growth strategy.

Are you ready for something different?

Do you have a genuine talent and love for what you do, but when it comes to growing your business you:

  • Struggle with fear, doubt and the feeling that you don't have what it takes to succeed
  • Get overwhelmed at the many moving parts to operating a business including business strategy, branding, marketing and selling?
  • Avoid addressing the 'business-y" side of your business because it makes you feel anxious and overwhelmed?
  • Put other people’s opinions, needs and preferences above your own, even when it's detrimental to you and your business goals?
  • Sink into compare and despair because it seems that no matter what you do, your business goals never seem to get any traction?

I have been there.

Burnt out, overwhelmed, exhausted… Enjoying business success but at the cost of my health, relationships and happiness.

Giving my business everything I had, going through monster business growth only to lose everything, and start again from scratch...

Understanding that the way I had been doing Life - with all my eggs in the one basket (my Business) - is NOT the way to create profound and lasting success.

When it came to running my previous 7-Figure business, I ignored my inner guidance for too long and PAID THE PRICE.

Never again.

I resolved to master the Art of Business, applying what I knew about consciousness, manifestation and energy healing.

I made multiple, large investments with various business coaches to learn business strategy, marketing, branding, sales, and content creation.

I worked on my self identity, healed the devastation of failure, extracted the lessons and deepened my resolve.

I apprenticed myself to many of the world's top coaches to deepen my own unique approach to business growth and leadership.

There is an art to doing business in an aligned way, without resorting to working harder, longer or burning out.

There is a unique expression of your business that matches your most cherished life vision.

No sacrifice, no compromise required.

Only a willingness to bring all of you on the journey. To learn, grow and evolve through it all...

I am here to ACTIVATE you into your NEXT LEVEL

No matter how long you've been feeling stuck, or how bad things have become, I'm here to let you know there is a way through!

You can GROW YOUR BUSINESS INCOME without burning yourself to the ground.

You can RAISE YOUR PRICES without losing clients.

You can BE SELECTIVE with the projects and clients you take on.

You can CONFIDENTLY LEAD YOUR BUSINESS AS A CEO, whilst upskilling your competency in marketing, branding, and system optimisation.

You can CREATE THE BEST BUSINESS STRATEGY for you and your business.

You can CULTIVATE HEALTHY BOUNDARIES that support all areas of your life.

You can CONFIDENTLY PROMOTE yourself as the expert and leader that you are.

You can say YES to greater life happiness and freedom.

You can choose to OPERATE YOUR BUSINESS and live your life on YOUR OWN TERMS.

Do you desire to:

  • Grow your business revenue and profits without working harder or longer?
  • Attract aligned, Soulmate clients who value the work that you do and are a delight to work with?
  • Raise your prices and elevate your boundaries, so you can focus on your most lucrative and enjoyable clients?
  • Deepen your confidence and self trust as you take aligned action towards your goals?
  • Be a happier human - a better parent, partner, sibling, family member, ex and friend - creating healthier relationships in all areas?
  • Have unstoppable confidence to believe in and trust yourself and act accordingly?
  • Raise your self worth and transform your relationship with wealth?

It is time to build your BOSS LADY EMPIRE...

To define success on YOUR TERMS and take aligned action to experience it...


When we say YES to our INNER KNOWING...


We are given EVERYTHING we need to EVOLVE INTO the person who can have-and-hold it all.

The UNIVERSE will meet us half-way, but WE need to make the first move… are you willing?

You CAN have the life and business that you absolutely LOVE, it all starts with making a courageous decision...

What is standing in the way of your most

Most commonly I see:

  • Lack of confidence, belief and trust in your ability to do what it takes to make it happen
  • Overwhelm and confusion when it comes to figuring out HOW to scale your income
  • Resistance in the form of fear of failure OR fear of too much success, leading to burnout, overwhelm or compromise
  • Avoiding business leadership activities such as planning, marketing, sales and branding.
  • Imposter syndrome where you don't see yourself as an expert, don't value your skills, or diminish your unique talents.
  • Allowing industry norms to influence your pricing, business structure or ways of operating.
  • Low self esteem, people pleasing and lack of boundaries
  • Overly critical self talk, perfectionism and and procrastination
  • Exhausted and time poor - if you don’t trust yourself or have clear boundaries it can feel like EVERYTHING is a priority.
  • Lack of support and accountability to keep you on track with your goals


I will teach you how to LEAD YOURSELF through the many challenges of growing a business, and give you a robust foundation of skills for stepping into the role of CEO in your life and business.

YES this is something YOU can learn.

When you have a robust understanding of the energetic and strategic components of growing a business...

The sky is the limit.

I will break this down and make it simple...

With these strategic and energetic keys you will confidently take the helm of your life and business...

Are you ready?

Join "Boss Lady Empire", a 12 week journey with very high level support to build your most successful Life and Business on your own terms.

This is for the woman WHO...

Has a big vision for her Life and Business and is no longer willing to settle for ANYTHING LESS...

Loves her work and wants to grow her business, without having to work harder or longer...

Wants to develop her business leadership skills...

Wants to ELEVATE her experience as a business owner and go all in on her goals...

Wants to TRANSFORM the way she feels about money, success and her ability to be, do and have EVERYTHING she desires.

Wants to be supported on her business journey as she scales her impact and profitability...

Knows that she is the most important asset in her entire business and wants to develop her emotional intelligence and personal power...

Is a Master of her trade and is ready to take her business ALL THE WAY...

I AM HERE to TEACH, GUIDE, AND EMPOWER YOU to have the life and business that you DESERVE.

I believe in your precious dreams, talent and heart felt intentions.

Let’s transform your world TOGETHER!

Here's What's Included:

12 Weekly Sessions

Personalised 1:1 support as you take ownership of your life and business goals, build your unique business blueprint, and take inspired action.

Self Study


Lifetime access to video trainings, tools and resources to learn, implement and navigate the energetic and strategic growth of your business



Be supported in-between group coaching sessions, to ask questions, get clarity, stay accountable and continue to build momentum.

Why Work With Kylie?

The big dreams you hold for your Life and business demand the best of you.

This is not just about doing the things that grow your business - this is about bringing all of you on the journey.

It is about elevating your self identity and what you believe is capable for YOU.

Working with Kylie is to have a business growth accelerator GENIUS in your back pocket. You will have access to guidance and wisdom that has been gleaned from over twenty years in entrepreneurship, including building a 7-Figure business.

Kylie is a Master at holding space for deep inner transformation whilst you take BOLD ACTION in your business. Both are required for long term sustainable success.

Equally balanced between inner growth and grounded business strategy, Kylie offers a doorway between both worlds. Demystifying and making accessible practical business skills whilst helping you to tap into your own magic.

Your dreams deserve the best of you, and you deserve to be supported.

Working with Kylie is to have a skilful guide in your corner who sees your greatness, reminds you of your unique strengths and talents; and celebrates every step of your journey with you.

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12 x weekly 1:1 coaching sessions

3 x Breakthrough Energy Healing Sessions

Private Chat Access for Support Between Calls

Self study program with Lifetime access

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Every month In Full

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Valid for 3 months

12 x weekly 1:1 coaching sessions

3 x Breakthrough Energy Healing Sessions

Private Chat Access for Support Between Calls

Self study program with Lifetime access


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