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Powerful One-on-One Sessions for Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing.

Initial Consult

If you're new here, Welcome! You can get started by booking your Initial Consultation with Kylie. There are a number of different levels of support available to you, depending on what you feel you need. You will be able to discuss this with Kylie during your initial consultation, which you can book below.

Crystal Dreaming Shamanic Healing

Are you feeling called to dive deep into the unknown? Are you ready for an experience outside of the norm - one that will confirm the multidimensional nature of our existence? Crystal Dreaming is a deep transformational shamanic process facilitating an altered state of consciousness to explore and heal. During this powerful session you will release energetic blockages, heal past lives and may even meet with your guides. Click here to learn more.

Looking For Ongoing Support?

You can book in your next session by choosing from the options below. Choose from a single one-off consultation, weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions.

Monthly Healing Programs

Commit to your self care with regular ongoing monthly healing sessions. Choose from one, two or four sessions per month depending on your care level. No lock in contracts.


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